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MULTI ARMOURFLOOR 100 is a specially processed and graded metallic aggregate combined with preblended and tested hydraulic cements incorporating absorbing agents, plasticizers and other proprietary chemicals to provide an iron armoured floor surface. MULTI ARMOURFLOOR 100 is designed to increase the resistance to abrasion and impact. The wearing properties are 4-8 times greater than that of plain concrete for industrial and commercial concrete floors. It is applied as a dry-shake application and incorporated monolithically into the concrete surface. 

Specification Type: ACI Manual of Concrete Practice Part I ACI 201 and 2 R77 Guide to Durable concrete, section 3, 4 and 6 recommendations for obtaining abrasion resistant concrete surfaces, BS CP 204 in situ Floor Finishes. 



MULTI ARMOURFLOOR 100 provides one of the hardest wearing non-dusting floor surfaces in the following typical locations: refineries, bus depots, factories, fresh produce markets, bottling plants, training centres, steel plants, workshops, ramps, hangar floors, cold rooms, high racking stores, cosmetic factories, tank maintenance bays, shoe factories, garages, warehouses, power stations, breweries, etc.  



  • A ready-to-use dry shake material easy to apply  
  • Malleable iron aggregate increases impact resistance, reduces dusting, fracturing and pitting. 
  • Its 60% higher surface density and will reduce penetration of aggressive liquids viz oil, grease. fuels, skydrol, mineral, vegetable and arid cutting oils, alkalis and many industrial chemicals  
  • Easy to clean  
  • Return on investment 
  • Hard wearing and can be applied as a smooth or non-slip durable surface 



Appearance: Concrete grey 

Metallic Aggregate: Non oxidising  

Abrasion Value: 4-8 times higher than Concrete 

Compressive Strength: 78 MPa (28 Days):

Coverage: n/a

Application Temp: 15°C to 25 °C 

Water Use: As required



  • Do not expose to acid attack as acid will corrode metal and concrete  
  • When trowelling, do not add water to the surface for finishing purposes 
  • Do not apply over concrete containing calcium chloride or where concrete contains more than 3% entrained air.  Do not cure with saltwater or brackish water, never apply over concrete bleed water. 
  • Be aware of concrete susceptible to delayed bleeding. 
  • Do not apply over concrete containing unrefined lignosulphonate admixtures. 
  • Always cure as soon as possible with MULTICURE 300C Curing Compound 
  • Joints: Saw cut joints should be cut at + 5mm wide and 25% in depth to the surface bed thickness. These joints should be cleaned immediately with water and compressed air and left open for at least 28 days before sealing. Cuts should be made as soon as is practically possible without spading the cut joint. 




Base concrete should have a minimum 25 MPa compressive strength and placed in accordance with good concrete practice. Care should be exercised at bay edges and corners to ensure good compaction. Begin floating operation as soon as base concrete is sufficiently firm to take the weight of both workman and power float leaving footprints no greater than 3mm in depth. It is essential that no free-standing water is evident.



No priming is required. All concrete surfaces must be damp but not wet or bleeding water during application of MULTI ARMOURFLOOR 100. 



Apply the first dry-shake application at the rate of two thirds (2/3) of the specified amount. Allow moisture to penetrate through the dry shake surface hardener. Carry out the first power or hand trowel operation and apply the remaining one third (1/3) of the specified material at right angles to the first. Ensure that the first stage is completely trowelled into the concrete surface before continuing with the second stage as described. 

When the sheen begins to leave the surface, carry out power trowelling to close the pores, pin marks and to completely level the surface, Initially the power float blades should be set flat or at a slight angle and as the surface continues to stiffen, the angle of the blades should be increased Do not over trowel. Cure with MULTICIJRE 300C at 9m² per litre. 

Whilst concrete is still wet, pack into cracks or cavities with dry MULTI AQUASTOP 1035 until it stops wetting out. Then mix up in a clean container enough MULTI AQUASTOP 1035 and water to form a stiff putty. Tool the putty with a pointing trowel into the areas where water is to be stopped and apply pressure until it has hardened. With cracks, seal at one end and finish with point of maximum pressure. Remove any excess product and wet cure MULTI AQUASTOP 1035 for another 30 minutes. For optimum results, continue to wet cure for a further 3 days.   



All tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. If delayed, equipment will need mechanical action to clean or be discarded. 



Supplied in 5kg bucket and 25kg bags. 



Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (PTY) Ltd production and testing programs comply with all local and international testing standards. 



The information supplied is believed to be reliable. As we do not have any control over the processing or application of the product we cannot guarantee the results to be obtained.

Users assume all risks and liability resulting from the use of this product and must confirm suitability thereof by conducting their own tests.

No guarantee is expressed or implied. Liability to the replacement of faulty material.