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MULTIGROUT 820 GS is a premixed ready to use dry grout with a precise blend of graded silicates and fine sand aggregates. Controlled chemicals incorporating shrinkage compensating ingredients blended with Portland Cements produce a non-shrink grout. It is grey coloured, non-oxidizing and has no added chlorides or nitrates. 


Meets requirements of CRD-C 621, ASTM C827, ASTM C 10980 and CRD 611-80 specifications. 



Mortar repairs, slab repairs, bulk fills, and all irregular or uneven surfaces can be filled for a hard, well bonded, smooth, grout finish. In all applications where excessive grout thickness is a criterion and a natural aggregate non-shrink grout is specified.  



  • High Early Strength – complies to ASTM C 109-80 specification Facilitates rapid installation and early operation of machinery. 
  • Non-Shrink – meets CRD-C 621 specification. A non-shrink grout that hardens, free of bleeding, settlement or drying, shrinkage and maintaining tight contact with the underside of grouted elements 
  • Iron Free – a non-metallic aggregate grout used where an appearance similar to concrete or mortar is required. 
  • Durability – a dense and ultimate high strength grout which contains no gas generating or air release agents such as aluminium powder, fluid coke, etc. It is durable and withstands repetitive loading requirements. 



Initial Set: 4 hours at 20°C 

Final Set: 6 hours at 20°C 

Application Temp: 15°C to 25°C 

Thickness: 10mm to 100mm 

Pot Life: 20 minutes 

Yield: 13L per 25kg 

Water Addition: 3L per 25kg bag 

Compressive Strength:  

1 Day: 15 MPa 

3 Days: 25 MPa 

7 Days: 42 MPa 

28 Days: 70 MPa 

Flexural Strength: 

1 Day: 1.8 MPa 

3 Days: 3.0 MPa 

7 Days: 4.3 MPa 

28 Days: 5.4 MPa 

Tensile Strength:

1 Day: 1.2 MPa 

3 Days: 3.0 MPa 

7 Days:  4.2 MPa 

28 Days: 6.2 MPa



  • The strength of MULTIGROUT 820 GS is dependent on water demand, curing and age of the hardened grout.
  • To determine the earliest equipment or machinery can be put into operation, the above must be considered.
  • Protect from freezing until fully cured for 28 days.




Surfaces are to be clean, sound and free of deleterious substances. Remove all laitance, oil, grease, mould oil or curing compound from concrete surfaces using wire brush, bush hammer, scabbler or other plant as appropriate. When repairing damaged concrete, ensure that all loose concrete has removed down to a firm base. Green concrete needs to be free from bleed water and firm enough to work on. 



Damp down all surfaces. Small divots and holes can be pre-wet with water as long as excess water can be drained prior to being filled with MULTI GROUT 820 SG. For applications thicker than 10mm, use MULTI BONDING SLURRY or MULTI POXY 1305 as a primer.  



All exposed areas of grout must be treated With MULTICURE 300 C or MULTICURE 200 curing compounds or kept wetted out for at least 10 days. 



Do not mix more grout than can be used in 30 minutes. Once the grout has stiffened, do not re-temper by adding water. Temperature of both the grout and all elements coming into contact with the grout should be in the range of 15-25C. Do not grout in freezing conditions. Mix 25Kg MULTI GROUT 820 GS with 3 litres water. Place mixed grout onto the damp surface. Use a straight edge or trowel to move out over the primed surface and compress into place to the required thickness.  Using a steel trowel, float the surface to bring up moisture to fill voids. Use a straight edge to maintain a good level. Allow to set for 6 hours (depending on temperature of the environment) before opening to light traffic. 



All tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use. If delayed, equipment will need mechanical action to clean or be discarded. 



Supplied in 25kg bags. 



Multi Construction Chemicals South Africa (PTY) Ltd production and testing programs comply with all local and international testing standards. 



The information supplied is believed to be reliable. As we do not have any control over the processing or application of the product we cannot guarantee the results to be obtained.

Users assume all risks and liability resulting from the use of this product and must confirm suitability thereof by conducting their own tests.

No guarantee is expressed or implied. Liability to the replacement of faulty material.